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Woodworking Carbide Insert Knives factory Private

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Product Desproction:
This knife is carbide processing and perforated thin blade,installed on the screw head, used in wood processing,cooperate with the model planer-single,double and all round,edge banding machine and vertical machine,etc. It's becomes the first choice of the modern woodworking cutting tool for sharp cutting,smooth surface,strong durability,low noise and high strength.
1. High performance
rectangular reversible replacement carbide inserts are made of K07 solid carbide, extremely hard and durable.
2. 2 usable edge and 1 countersink hole,30mm lengthX12mm width X1.5mm-35*.
3. designed for numerous spiral/helical planer cutter head system, wood lathe tools.
4.These blades are diamond-ground to produce an edge sharper than steel. They will cutter faster and cleaner than any standard hardened steel blade.
5.Apply for general purpose wood, chipboard, plywood,MDF/HDF,The high performance reversible replacement square.
6.Compared with steel the solid carbide stays sharp for longer.
7.We choose the best manufacturers to provide you with the best products.
8.Easy to replace your joint and planers, excellent accessory for wood turning work.
Why choose us?
1. All tungsten carbide products have ISO 9001-2008 quality control system
2. Free samples can be provided for quality test and cooperation service of brand productionWoodworking Carbide Insert Knives factory