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Wholesale UHMWPE Colored Fiber Private

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Basic features of UHMWPE yarn are following
*High strength: 10 times stronger than the high-quality steel of the same section in intension;
*High modulus: next to the super-class carbon fiber
*Low density: 0.97, and floatable on water
*extraordinary anti-abrasive flexible .anti-bend
The present invention relates to a method for preparing colored fiber for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) rope and net, the method comprising the following three steps
1. Adopting UHMWPE resin plus HDPE polyethylene and organic pigment toner to prepare a powdery colored UHMWPE master batch;
2. Selecting white oil as a solvent, using the UHMWPE resin plus the powdery colored UHMWPE master batch to prepare a colored spinning solution, mixing and swelling, and after being cooled, extruding, spinning and solidifying in a water bath to prepare colored gel-spun UHMWPE fiber;
3. Extracting the prepared colored gel-spun UHMWPE fiber, drying with hot air, then subjecting to hot stretching three times, and finally shaping the fiber. The colored UHMWPE fiber can be used for ropes and fishing nets of different specifications.Wholesale UHMWPE Colored Fiber