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Wholesale Smart Trash Bin Private

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Our History
Hangzhou Hongsu IOT Development Co., Ltd, is working as a pioneer in smart home field in China and after decades years and has been a powerful and pioneer brand worldwide.
It was established in 2017, located in the center of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It's a professional supply chain service provider. With the development of economy and technology, we find that the quality of our daily life is reflected in every tiny detail, sometimes just a small utensil, such as the trash can lying in the corner of our home. This idea was deeply rooted in the mind of the founder of HS, then we set up this company. Focus on the household products that can be used to improve our quality of life as our main business, we plough deeply in the market and work very hard for it.
Our mission is to devote ourselves whole-heartedly to helping customers solve the inconvenience and problems that may occur in the supply chain, to ensure that all goods arrive at desitinations with high quality, in a timely and efficient manner. We try our best to help our customers grow and succeed, then, we will grow and succeed.
Thinking & Living With HS In Future. We are always together !
Our Team
As a wonderful dream team, HS and our employees are working hard not only to offer the best household items, also strongly care for and connect the future including the team inside, partners and customers.
Keeping searching for the market demands, HS R&D TEAM is launching the latest technology products to meet with smart home solution needs.
Keeping watching on the market trends, We are carrying out innovation products to suit for the new potential demands and create the new market needs which improve life quality, make life better and easier worldwide.
Reach your dream is our dream. Over 500 dealers worldwide, HS closely feels the market and touches thousands of dreams from our partners. What we are doing is consistently reaching the dreams for all of us.
We are inviting you to join with us to build both futures together!
Our Service
For HS dealers
1. Daily maintenance
<1> Due to the presence of batteries and other parts inside the trash can, children under three years of age are not allowed to touch the internal components.
<2> In the process of replacing the battery in the induction barrel, avoid mixing the old and new batteries, so as not to affect the normal use and life of the product;
<3> Try to choose large-brand company products for the induction barrel battery, and batteries with guaranteed quality, so as not to affect the normal use and life of the product;
<4> The induction barrel contains electronic components, and the use environment is as dry as possible. Please avoid the head of the barrel being exposed to water or rain; if water is accidentally entered, remove the power supply and place the cover in a ventilated place or dry in the sun. Try again
<5> Please pay attention to the installation sequence of the positive and negative batteries of the induction barrel. Incorrect installation will cause the product to fail to work; the product can be used for 6-9 months after being tested with high-performance alkaline batteries (open and close 20 times a day) Calculate), when the product is in low power, the product reaction will be slow, if the battery is nearly exhausted, the battery symbol on the control panel will continue to flash prompts; in order to ensure the smooth operation of the product, please replace it when the product is not smooth New batteries;
<6> The induction bucket is placed on a flat ground so as not to affect the opening and falling of the cover.
<7> The battery in the induction barrel is exhausted or not used for a long time, it should be replaced or removed in time to prevent the battery leakage from damaging the product components;
<8> Please dispose of the used batteries in the induction barrel according to government requirements, and make a contribution to the environmental protection cause;
<9> Please avoid the battery box close to the heat source in the induction barrel to prevent the battery from exploding under abnormal environment;
<10> It is forbidden to flush the head of the induction bucket with water directly.
<11> Please avoid violent shaking of the lid back and forth to prevent damage to the internal gear structure and affect the service life and function;
<12> Pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the sensor panel of the sensor barrel to prevent dust from covering the sensor panel and causing misoperation such as opening the cover.
<13> Pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the transmission mechanism of the induction barrel to prevent the garbage from clogging the gear and causing failures such as opening and falling cover jamming;
<14> Avoid placing objects within half a meter directly above the induction area of the induction barrel, and avoid accidentally triggering the induction panel and causing the cover to open.
2. Parts Warranty
HS maintains a liberal warranty program to insure ultimate customer satisfaction in the event of component failure.
Warranty period: 12 months
Method锛歱rovide free parts
Our Culture
鈼哋ur Vision
To be a professional and efficient household items provider
鈼哋ur Philosophy
To help customers solve the inconvenience and problems in the daily life
鈼哋ur Values
Service first, altruism equals self-interestWholesale Smart Trash Bin

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