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Wholesale 100% Larch Veneer Private

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Larch is an exceptionally straight-grained veneer with a reddish-brown heartwood and thin, yellow-white sapwood. This tall, straight tree grows to exceptional heights, producing long lengths of clear veneer, primarily from the heartwood of the tree. Fumed, the typically medium colored wood turns a rich, dark, chocolate brown color reminiscent of African or tropical woods.
Botanical Name: Larix Europaea
Other Names: Larch-Fir or Western Larch
Geographic Region/Source: Central Europe
General Applications: Architectural Panels Conference Tables Doors Millwork Store Fixtures plywood
Species Cuts: Flat Cut Quartered
Figuring: Plain Stripe
Processed: Fumed
Color Tones: Gold Multi Yellow
Size: 1270x2500mm
Thickness: from 0.3mm to 3.0mm
Moisture: 8%-10% by KD.Wholesale 100% Larch Veneer