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Water Cooled Chiller quotation Private

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Water Source Heat Pump
The working principle of the water source heat pump unit is to transfer the heat in the building to the water source in the summer; in the winter, the energy is extracted from the relatively constant temperature water source, and the air pump or the water is used as the brine to raise the temperature and then sent to the building by the heat pump principle. In. Usually the water source heat pump consumes 1 kW of energy, and the user can get more than 4 kW of heat or cold. The water source heat pump overcomes the shortage of frosting of the outdoor heat exchanger of the air source heat pump in winter, and has high operational reliability and heating efficiency, and has been widely used in recent years in China.
鈼?/span>Smaller sizes and compact structure (especially suitable for restructuring works)
Modular design, all the parts are arranged reasonable, which makes the chiller small size and light weight (a single module weight 280-560kg only);
Meanwhile, it can be moved freely without being affected by external construction conditions, especially suitable for restructuring works.
鈼?/span>High performance
High-performance hermetic scroll compressor and multi-system optimized design ensures the unit鈥檚 coefficient of performance (COP value) is up to 5.4 during cooling mode or up to 4.5 during heating mode.
鈼?/span>Excellent partial load characteristics
On partial load condition, the system can adjust the quantity of running compressors according to required cooling capacity, which makes the chiller have high-efficient even in partial load, ensures the optimal match of cooling output and needed cooling capacity, minimizes energy consumption.
鈼?/span>Good performance parts
World famous hermetic scroll compressors, high reliability;
Shell and tube heat exchanger, smaller size, safety, no leakage, high heat exchange efficiency, smaller heat loss and resistance, easy maintenance.
鈼?/span>The unit enjoys lower overall running noise (56鈥?0dB)
High-quality compressor and powerful external sound absorption housing are used and achieve super-low noise running.
鈼?/span>Easy installation and maintenance, less cost
The unit is delivered after refrigerant and compressor lubricating oil are filled and meters are calibrated, so it can be put into use only after onsite assembly, pipe connection and electric wire connection.
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Water Cooled Chiller quotation