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Comparison of frying processing methods
Food frying combines dehydration, drying and deep-fried food to produce a dry and flavored food.
The vacuum frying of the food is to reduce the vaporization temperature of the water in the food under reduced pressure, so that it can be quickly dehydrated in a short time, and the food can be fried under low temperature conditions.
Generally, the frying processing method is under atmospheric pressure and high-temperature, the working temperature is generally around 180~250 ° C, or even higher, and the product oil content is above 30%.
The vertical vacuum frying de-oiler equipment is a widely used processing equipment, and the processing food temperature is generally between 90 ° C and 140 ° C, and oil content of the finished product is 15% to 20%.
The vertical vacuum deep-fried de-oiler has changed the method of normal-pressure frying processed food, although the oil content of the finished product is lowered, the cost is reduced. However, since the continuous vacuum frying work cannot be performed, the processing cost cannot be further reduced, and the process cannot be performed at any time. Removal of oil residue and food processing in unclean grease for a long time will bring pollution to food, thus there is restrictions on the processing of varieties and other issues.
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Continuous Vacuum Frying Advantages
For all above-mentioned shortcomings, Qingdao Liu Yi Machinery has produced continuous vacuum frying machine, this automatic double-chamber low-temperature vacuum fryer is the effort of whole team after years of research and experiments. It has following advantages:
Some manufacturers' heating methods are sandwich heating, which requires a plate heat
exchanger. The heating speed is slow, and it needs to be preheated for about 30 minutes, and the products in the pot are not heated uniformly, which affects the color and quality of the product. Liuyi's VF only takes 8-13minutes.
In addition, the wall of the sandwich heating pot is subjected to high pressure, on the one hand, it has to bear the steam pressure in the interlayer, on the other hand, it has a high degree of vacuum inside the pot, and the pot body is easily deformed for a long time.
2. The continuous frying machine can used in large production required for many food processing enterprises.
3. The continuous frying machine can be widely used in: fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, livestock and poultry and other series.
Take mushroom for expample, one person can operate more than 5 sets of VF machine, in the whole workshop, 2 workers is enough, it saves labor cost a lot. And also if you are in a hometown of mushroom, it is a good project, which investment is low and fast return. It also helps people quickly deal with slow-moving mushrooms.
4.The vacuum frying equipment produced by Liuyi Machinery does not have the hydraulic equipment on the fryer. This equipment has been prone to damage for a long time (2-3 years). Moreover, this type of equipment sputum oil can only be used on equipment with low capacity. If a large machine with 200 kg is used for one time, it will directly affect the oyster sauce effect.
The fully automatic low-temperature vacuum fryer is a scientific and practical technical solution that under the efforts of Liu Yi's leaders, engineers and technical teams through long-term practice. We will combine theory with practice and continue to improve the technology, in order to make continuous progress and serve our customers at home and abroad much better.Vacuum Fryer Machine