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Tin And Cans Filling Machine manufacturers Private

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Machine Application
This is a fully automatic tins and cans filling sealing packaging line, which is applicable for packing different products, such as coffee powder, coffee beans, chocolate powder, tea, nuts, olive, dairy product, oil, drinks, etc. This machine is suitable for all kinds of tinplate cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans and paper cans. The machine is easy to operate with high quality.
Technical Parameters
Production capacity12-15cans/min
Working pressure (compressed air) ≥0.4Mpa about 100L/min
Powder1P 220V 50Hz 0.75Kw
Overall dimensions680(L)*500(W)*1480(H)mm
Applicable rangeCan diameter: Φ52.5-Φ105mm, 83-Φ127mm
Can height: 60-180mm (Special specifications can be customized.) Tin And Cans Filling Machine manufacturers

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