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Do you know Taiwan supplies 25% of fasteners in the EU countries? Let ZONBIX be your gateway to this powerful ecosystem.
Threaded Pipe Plugs are ideal for closing pipes. These can be found in multiple industries. Some are designed to be used in challenging environments 鈥?high pressure, in contact with corrosive gas or liquid鈥攚ith the right mechanical and chemical properties. To prevent disastrous system failure and even injury/death, it is imperative to strictly follow engineering requirements when manufacturing these plugs. Thanks to our proprietary cold forging techniques and mature tooling design, ZONBIX produces the Threaded Pipe Plugs with excellent precision control.
Here in the photo shows one of our best sellers: DIN 908. ZONBIX supplies a wide range from M10 to M48, and custom orders are welcome. Pipe thread according to ISO 228. Available in various materials and finishes. You can also use your sources of raw materials if preferred.
To protect goods during transportation, ZONBIX spends 2X as much as our competitors on packaging. The pallets we use can safely carry up to 1200 kg. Pallet options: EURO CEP (EPAL), US ISPM 15 Pallets. Flexible with most prevalent shipping terms such as FOB, CIF, DDU. Air express available.
ZONBIX products can be found across the six continents -- from Europe and America to Asia and the Middle East. Most of our parts are produced via precise cold forging techniques. Our software and hardware infrastructure allows us to offer customized storage and delivery solutions.
A ZONBIX representative will always be there for you -- even after the goods arrive at your warehouse. Contact us now to start your ZONBIX Experience! Threaded Plugs