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鈼?Product Introduction
Sintered Corundum has small pores and many closed pores, and the porosity is roughly the same as that of fused corundum, with high purity, good volume stability and minimal reburning shrinkage. The refractory or castable used for production has good thermal shock stability and bending strength after high temperature treatment.
鈼?Chemical and Physical of properties
TypeValueChemical IndexPhysical Index
AL2O3FE2O3NA2OSIO2Bulk DensityApparent PorosityAbsorption
NormalTypical Value99.45%0.02%0.34%0.05%3.55g/cm32.35%0.72%
Guaranteed Value鈮?9.20%鈮?.10%鈮?.40%鈮?.18%鈮?.50g/cm3鈮?.00%鈮?.50%
Low SodaTypical Value99.58%0.02%0.18%0.06%3.61g/cm32.05%0.68%
Guaranteed Value鈮?9.30%鈮?.10%鈮?.20%鈮?.18%鈮?.55g/cm3鈮?.00%鈮?.20%
Ultra-Low SodaTypical Value99.70%0.01%0.03%0.05%3.65g/cm31.80%0.61%
Guaranteed Value鈮?9.35%鈮?.10%鈮?.05%鈮?.18%鈮?.60g/cm3鈮?.50%鈮?.0%
鈼哖roduct Highlight
1.High purity
2.High refractoriness
3.High bulk density
4.High thermal shock resistance
5.High wear-resistance
6.High chemical resistance
Q: Usage of Sintered Corundum
A: 1.Sintered Corundum is the perfect refractory raw material.
2.Sintered Corundum can replace fused alumina and whie fused alumina in some application.
3.Sintered Corundum can use in kiln furniture and for metal filtration.
4.Sintered Corundum can be used in a variety of industries, including steel, foundry, cement, glass, petrochemical, ceramic and waste incineration.Tabular Alumina factory