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Poultry Netting Private

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A NEW STANDARD OF ELECTRIC FENCING Starkline is the new standard for permanent and temporary electric fencing enclosures. A company of H&K Manufacturing, with over a decade of experience producing and designing electric netting products. POULTRY NETTING SHEEP NETTING 164' x 35" 鈥?9/35/8.5 164' x 35" 鈥?9/35/8.5 鈥?12 Horizontal Strands (11 Conductive) 鈥?9 Horizontal Strands (8 Condiuctive) 鈥?164' Long x 48" Tall 鈥?164' Long x 35" Tall 鈥?14 Posts: Galvanized Double Spiked Stakes 鈥?14 Posts: Galvanized Double-Spiked Stakes 鈥?Vertical Strands Every 3" 鈥?Reinforced Plastic Vertical Struts Every 8.5" 鈥?Blue / White Design for High Visibility 鈥?6 Niro Wires in the top strand for consistent conductivity 鈥?Designed for Chickens, Ducks, Geese and other Poultry ORANGE UTILITY NETTING HORSE NETTING 164' x 42" 鈥?10/42/8.5 164' x 48" 鈥?4/48/24 鈥?10 Horizontal Strands (9 Conductive) 鈥?4 Conductive Horizontal Strands 鈥?164' Long x 42" Tall 鈥?164' Long x 48" Tall 鈥?14 Posts: Galvanized Double Spiked Stakes 鈥?Reinforced Vertical Struts Every 24鈥? 鈥?Vertical Struts Every 8.5" 鈥?10 Fiberglass Posts with Galvanized Double-Spiked Stakes 鈥?Also available in 35鈥?br/> 鈥?Portable Design is Perfect for Trail Riding or Temporary Containment During Shows 鈥?Orange Design for High Visibility in Any Location 鈥?Designed to suit any situation where temporary electric fencing is needed Poultry Netting website:http://www.starklinenetting.com/

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