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PLC Control Surface Grinding Machine with Horizontal Spindle and Rectangular Table
This series of machine tools are two-axis program-controlled horizontal-shaft moment table surface grinders upgraded on general-purpose machine models.It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the convenience of operation, and achieve one-man multi-machine operation.
Technical parameters
TableTable working surface (W脳L)mm500脳1000630脳1250
Max. size of grinding workpiece (W脳L脳H)mm500脳1000脳400630脳1250脳400
Table longitudinal travel(Max.)mm11001350
Table speed(stepless)m/min3-25
Table T-slot (Number脳Width)mm3脳183脳22
Table loading锛坕nclude electromagnetic锛?/p>kg520815
wheelheadDistance from wheel spindle axis to table surface(Max.)mm575600
Min. vertical feedmm0.005
Max. vertical maneuvering speedm/min400
Min.traverse feedmm0.025
Cross feed speedm/min0.5锝?.5
Wheel speedr/min1440
Grinding wheel(OD脳 W脳ID)mm桅350脳50脳桅127桅400脳50脳桅203
MotorTotal powerkw1716
Wheelhead motor powerkw9
Vertical servo motor powerkw1.5
Cross servo motor powerkw1.2
Working accuracyParallelismmm300:0.005300:0.008
Surface roughnessumRa0.63
Machine weightNet weightkg40006200
Gross weightkg45006500
Overall dimension(L脳W脳H)mm4000脳2200脳23505940脳2400脳2300
Packing case dimension(L脳W脳H)mm4250脳2300脳26006150脳2550脳2300
1. First, be familiar with the operation of the surface grinder and understand the performance of the surface grinder.
2. Before starting the machine, wear protective glasses and work clothes, buckle up the clothes and sleeves, put the long hair into the work cap, and do not wear scarves or gloves
3. Before operation, tools, measuring tools and workpieces shall be placed in order to remove any sundries that hinder the operation of equipment and operation activities. Before operation
4. Before starting the machine, check whether the transmission part and operating handle of the surface grinder are normal and sensitive, and check whether the lubricating oil system of each part is smooth
5. Before starting the machine, adjust the limit stop of the left and right bumpers according to the grinding length of the workpiece, and lock it.PLC Control