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Metal Cutting factory Private

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Equipment feature
1.High speed, high effective cutting solid aluminum materials;
2.Controlled by YVP, feeding speed of 0-2,000 mm/min could be realized.
3.Saw blade is tensioned by hydraulic system. The system is equipped with safety protection, which will stop working immediately when saw blade is broken.
Special notice:
Customized cutting machines could be provided as your need. We could provide sorts of machines, recommend proper machine models to you according to the requirement on cutting size. WELCOME TO CONTACT US!
Device parameters
Sawing formVertical
Capacity of cuttingHigh锛?50mm
Width锛?00 mm
Length锛?200 mm
Line speed of saw500锝?000m/min(VVVF)
Dimension of saw34(W)X 1.1(T)X5260(L) 锛坢m锛?/td>
Tension mode of saw bladeHydraulic
Feeding speed0-2000 mm/min 锛圴VVF锛?/td>
Dimension of the countertop2500(L)X 340(W)X 50(T)
Dimension of the t-slotTop width:18锛孊ottom width:31锛孒eight:30
Cutting trackHGW35 Linear guide
Saw wheel diameter 蠁630mmX 2pieces锛孍ncapsulation treatment
Motor powerSaw band7.5 KW锛圷VP锛?/td>
Hydraulic system1.5 KW
Feeding1.5 KW
Sawing cooling modeHigh pressure oil mist cooling
Hydraulic oil capacity50L
Power requirements380 V锛?P 锛?0Hz
HMITouch screen control & Button
Cutting accuracyPerpendicularity鈮?.5mm
Floor area of equipment7銕?/td>
Equipment weight4200kg
Note: The list is only specs of parts of our equipments, please contact for other equipments.
Device parameters
Sawing formHorizontal
Capacity of cutting鈼?00mm
Saw wheel diameter 蠁700 X 2pieces锛坢m锛?/td>
Line speed of saw500锝?000 m/min(VVVF)
Dimension of saw7050(L)脳34(W)脳1.1(T) (carbide saw belt)
Feeding speed100锝?000mm/min
Saw thickness 鈮?nbsp;2mm
Service life of saw band50-150銕?/td>
Section roughness鈮?0渭m
Stock removal rate500锝?500cm2/min
Level of noise鈮?5dB
Tension mode of saw bladeHydraulic
Feeding modeHydraulic/Servo motor
Power requirementsAC380V卤10%锛?P锛?0Hz 卤2%
Compressed airNormal
Air pressure0.4 MPa锝?.6 Mpa
Air flow rate鈮? m3/ h
Air requirementDry & Filtered
Floor area of equipment7銕?/td>
Equipment weight4000kg
Note: The list is only specs of parts of our equipments, please contact for other equipments.Metal Cutting factory