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Low price Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Private

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Brand: Meco
Accept custom: YES
Product Name: Disposable Hand Sanitizer
Specification: 30ml
Packaging: (According to customer requirements) 200 bottles / carton
Properties: liquid
Place of origin: Zhejiang, China
Expiration date: 24 months
Disposable hand sanitizer can be applied to hospitals, banks, supermarkets, government agencies, theaters, troops, entertainment venues, schools, kindergartens, families, hotels, restaurants, airports, terminals, Waterless hands-free washing in train station and tourist environment without water and soap
1. Take 3-5ML of disposable hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand.
2. Rub your palm against your palm.
3. Fingers are interlaced, palms rub against fingers.
4. Fingers are interlaced, palm to palm.
5. Hold your hands together and rub your fingers together.
6. Rub your thumb in your palm
7. Rub your fingertips in your palm
8. The left hand rotates from the right wrist forearm to the elbowlow price Hand Sanitizer Alcohol

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