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LED Street Light Private

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We recommend that the use height of motion sensor led street light not exceed 8 meters. Because when it is more than 8 meters high, the effect of human induction will be affected.
Microwave radar induction solar street light is a new type of intelligent induction outdoor lamp introduced in the past two years. If you have used microwave radar to sense indoor lamps, you should know that microwave radar will be smarter than human infrared sensor, with higher sensitivity and sensing distance. more.
Microwave radar's induction is obvious object movement, so as long as there is an object passing through it will trigger the induction, and can penetrate walls of different thicknesses, not affected by the environment, temperature, dust, etc., at 37 degrees, the induction distance will not shorten.
Human infrared sensing will be affected by environmental temperature factors. When the ambient temperature is high, human infrared sensing will not recognize the temperature of the human body when someone passes by, so human infrared sensing will have short sensing distance and low sensitivity in summer. Unresponsiveness. Especially like solar street lights for outdoor use, human infrared sensing is not recommended.
We can choose the appropriate sensing method according to the climatic temperature of the customer's country.

LED Street Light