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hace 4 meses Multimedia Chiclayo   32 vista

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Ubicación: Chiclayo
Precio: -- S/.

Module Resolution:64*32dots
Module size:256*128mm
Pixel pitch:4mm
Pixel density:62500
Lamp bead:1921
Average consumption:1000w/sqm
Max power consumption:2000w/sqm
Best view distance:4-40m
Best view angle:160`

slim and light.
No need to install.
input the pictures or video that you send them to the device. To attract more attention of customers with more than three years warranty
Effect of Load on Product Life

Whether integrated chip, LED tube or switching power supply works under rated load, load is also an important factor affecting life. Because any component has a fatigue damage period, take the power supply as an example, the brand power supply can output 105%~135% of the power, but if the power supply works under such a high load for a long time, it will certainly accelerate the aging of the switching power supply. Of course, the switching power supply does not necessarily fail immediately, but it will reduce its life rapidly.
It can be seen from the influence of various environmental factors mentioned above on the reliability index of products that every environmental factor experienced in the life cycle of products requires consideration in the design process. Only in this way can sufficient environmental strength be combined with reliability design. Of course, improving the use environment of products and regular maintenance of products can not only eliminate hidden troubles in time, but also improve the reliability of products and prolong the average life of products.Led Banner