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Gelatin Melting Tank China Private

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The drying trays for softgel are made in PP material (Polypropylene), which can be sterilized at 121 ℃ high temperature. The material was food grade and allow contact the product directly , following the FDA and cGMP stands. This PP material drying tray was specifically designed for drying softgel capsules. It’s grid side and bottom will enhance air flow faster and improve softgel capsules drying efficiency. The smooth contact surface between the drying tray wall and capsules would prevent the capsules from marking and sticking. It’s dimension is 760 mm(L)×490 mm(W)×55 mm(H). The coupled trolleys was made in SUS304 stainless steel with four casters in bottom. It’s dimension is 745 mm(L)×475 mm(W)×155 mm(H)
Main Technical Parameters:
ParametersReference information
Drying Tray
Trying MaterialFood Grade PP
Drying Capacity 1500 Capsules(20#OB)
Size760 mm(L)×490 mm(W)×55 mm(H)
Weight 1.54 Kg
Temperature Tolerance-40 ℃~121℃
pH Tolerance3-10
ColourCustom- made
Material SUS 304
Size745 mm(L)×475 mm(W)×155 mm(H)
Load Capacity40 Trays
1. The material is food grade PP, which following FDA and cGMP requirement.
2. It has high temperature tolerant character and can be sterilized by 121 ℃
3. It can be used in great temperature range from -40℃ to 121 ℃
4. The scientific design was helpful for air flow faster and drying capsules
5. The size of drying tray can be customized
6. Drying tray has solid stacking that can’t be bend and warped.
7. It is designed to be smooth, which is useful to clean
8. It could be made in any colour you want, which is easy to distinguish
Certificate and Partner
1. Food Grade Certificate: With high quality, the drying try get the FDA, EUFDA and CFD testing. It was proved that the drying tray can directly contact softgel capsules.
2. More than 100 Partner: We have sold lots of PP material drying tray, at least 20000 piece and develop more than 100 partner in the world.
3. Export more than 20 country:Include USA, Europe, India, Mexico, Brazil......, we had sold this drying tray over in the world.Gelatin Melting Tank China