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Protective Air Bubble Anti-fragile Packagings
Hawking manufactures anti-fragile protected packs products which are made of 7 layers co-extruded film with the main materials Nylon and PE.These products include air column bags and air bubble bags.
Benefits of the anti-fragile protected packs
 Environmental protection and recycling
 Excellent surface protection
 Shorten packaging time and reduction of packaging costs
 Economization of storage up to 95%.
 Easy handling,no capital spending,no tool costs.
 Beautiful shape,improving your products class and company image.
Storage condition
Consist of plastic raw material,easy to burn with harmful gases,please keep under 5~35℃ with dry storage condition,far away at least 1 meter direct heat source.
Multi-layer co-extrusion technology
The packaging usually using multi-layer structure in order to take advantage of a variety of polymer performance.The multi-layer co-extrusion technology was one kind of process which was formed multilayer structure thin film by variety of different polymers.It can to meet and solve food ,pharmaceutical and other industrial packaging special needs through consist advantages of all kinds of polymer chemistry and physics.We will always keep a technical lead special in PA/EVOH barrier packaging film field,and we will provide the best solution by customer different packaing requirements.
Co-extrusion PA/PE Parameter Data
Testing ItemUnitTesting StandardParameterTesting Data
WidthmmGB/T 6673-2001﹢3 ﹣01100
ThicknessμmGB/T 6672-2001±275.44
Strength TensileMDMpaGB/T1040.3-2006≧2431.32
Enlongation at BreakMD%≧380503.98
Seal StrengthMDN/15mmQB/T2358-1998≧22G:28.53
Light Transmission%GB/T2410-2008≧8587.95
Hubei Hawking packaging material Co.,Ltd
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HAWKING, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various packaging materials, now brings you the best quality protective air bubble anti-fragile packagings with competitive price, which comes in superior abrasion and puncture resistance, as well as good heat resistance. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy packaging products from our factory.Electronic products packagings factory