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Bottle drying machine
Main features
1. This machine is mainly used to dry the bottles before labeling.
2. The machine adopts advanced drying technology, and it operates stably in a low temperature with high visibility and good drying effect.
3. The dryer direction can be adjusted depending on the area to be dried.It also can be adjusted according to production quantity.It is convenient to operate.
4. There is large scope of application for the machine.There is no pollution taken by brush.It is easy to dry the water in the glass bottle, better if ceramic bottle.
5. Low energy using.It is the best drying equipment in the wine packing production line.
6. No easy-damaged parts

Technical parameter
ModelOutput(b/h)Adapt to the bottle height
(mm)Fan modelPower(kw)Total Weight
JN-31000060-320HB-45005.55002440*760*1600Drying Machine quotation