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Disinfection Robot Private

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1. Spray disinfection robot features
1. 1. High degree of automation: the circuit can be designed by the computer or the induction magnetic strip of the magnetic air sensor can guide the passage and automatically charge;
1. 2. Stable operation, stable parking, no vibration and noise;
1. 3. Improve the corporate image: AGV has a futuristic appearance, beautiful appearance and high observability;
1. 4. Nano disinfection aerosol particles;
1. 5. High working efficiency: shorten working hours without manual management.
2. Application scenarios
It can be applied to automatic chemical factories, post offices, libraries, docks, airports, greenhouse, hospitals and other disinfection workplaces. It is widely used, with stable quality and large volume of shipments.
3. Parameter table
The above parameters are for reference only. Our product technology is constantly updated and upgraded. At the same time, we also accept the customization and development of customers.
4. Factory and qualification
5. Instructions and precautions
5. 1. Do not allow water to enter the product;
5. 2. Do not insert fingers, pins, wires or other objects into the product gaps or holes to avoid electric shock and injury;
5. 3. Do not use the damaged power cord or plug to avoid fire, electric shock or short circuit;
5. 4. Except for the maintenance technicians, no one else is allowed to decompose and maintain to avoid fire, electric shock and injury;
5. 5. Do not put the product in a damp place or near the fire source or heat source, otherwise it will be damaged or an accident will occur;
5. 6. Do not use voltage other than AC 220V to avoid fire and electric shock;
5. 7. Improper maintenance or private short-circuit of some important parts may cause product protection failure, resulting in overheating or fire.
6. Instructionsns for regular maintenance
6. 1. Before each start-up, the sundries within the operation range of the machine shall be removed with an air gun, the power shall be connected, the machine shall be started, and the operation condition of the machine shall be checked.
6. 2. If the machine is not used for a long time, please wipe it clean and put it in a dry and ventilated environment. Do not store it in a place with high temperature and humidity.
6. 3. Warm water or neutral detergent should be used for cleaning. Do not use gasoline, benzene or other chemical reagents. Wipe or air dry after cleaning.
6. 4. Check whether the front and rear wheel parts are normal or whether there is abnormal sound every week
6. 5. Check whether the wheel roller can rotate normally every month
6. 6. Check whether the MAG sensor of AGV car is sensitive and the position is correct every month
Q: Will the sanitation disinfection robot work in error?
A: Sanitation disinfection robot will not make mistakes. In the future, hospitals can use robots to disinfect, which can reduce a lot of labor costs. The consumer anti epidemic robot is called disinfection robot for short. The robot is used as the carrier, and the disinfection system is installed inside the robot to generate disinfection gas. The pneumatic system of the robot is used to quickly spread the disinfection gas in the indoor space, increase the coverage and uniformity of disinfection, and effectively kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the air without dead angle. The disinfection robot can automatically according to the set route Efficient and accurate indoor disinfection and epidemic prevention.Disinfection Robot