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Customized High Performance Industrial Mini Computer Private

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Ubicación: Buenos Aires
Precio: 560 S/.

TAICENN Introduction
TAICENN, is a leading global provider and manufacturer of industrial panel PC, industrial display and industrial& embedded PC products, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.
Founded in Shenzhen, TAICENN Technology is developing very rapidly with our experienced staff who has been involved in industrial & embedded market for more than 10 years. TAICENN focuses on the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative industrial panel PC, industrial display and industrial & embedded PC solutions that have enabled TAICENN to respond to our customers' rapidly changing product and service needs.
With a dedication to technology innovation, TAICENN provides our customers qualified products and timely technical support, that the clients can safely deploy with ease and confidence, increasing their ability to bring products to market quickly, and decreasing the maintenance costs without any business risk.
Enterprise Development History
2009 established, HQ is located in Chengdu, 9 years' focus on industrial computer and display products.
2010 factory ISO9001: 2008 certificated;
2013 the first industrial PC company to propose 'Modularization design & manufacturing' concept;
2015 company start our plan to launch 'NEW OTC' stock market, Weapon equipment quality management system certification certificate;
2016 successfully boarded NEW OTC (Over the counter) stock market in china, Stock code: 838166. It was the first industrial PC company boarded stock market in china. And we aim to be the first industrial PC company IPO in chinese stock market;
2016 TAICENN founeded as a subsidiary of APUQI, focus on international business market.
TAICENN Capability
Rely on APUQI’s strength and technology, and its ISO quality management system, National military standard 9001B quality management system, combine with international market regularity and TAICENN own enterprise characteristics, TAICENN act as a separate company. TAICENN has our own professional sales and support system, and separate function technology team. As we promised, we aim to be the best solution provider & manufacturer brand from China mainland.
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Enterprise PresentationCustomized High Performance Industrial Mini Computer

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