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Customized FRP Plates Private

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FRP Grating is one kind of new composite material, made of different unsaturated polyester resin (including m-type, O-type, vinyl and phenolic type, and bisphenol-A) reinforced with fiberglass, by molded and pultruded technology.
1. Corrosion resistance, rust protection, long service life,maintenance free.FRP Grating is different from other metal grating.
It has good performance of corrosion resistance when used in the highly corrosive environment and it is also different from wood
Grating which is easy to be decay.It is upgrading product of traditional iron,wood,cement and other materials.
2. Light weight,High strength.It is very convenient fot cutting and installation. Density is small,only 1.8g/cm3, It鈥檚 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum while the strength is higher than those of metal materials, itself weight is light, can greatly reduce the foundation support, Thus reducing the material cost of the project.
3. Fire resistance,Qualified matrix resins as well as unique fire-retardant techniques provide grating with excellent fire resistance performance.
Applications of FRP Grating
Operation terrace, Off-shore oil rig, Inspection rack, Stair tread, Ground floor, Trench cover, Bridge sidewalk, etc.
Product details
01. It has a long life and can be used for 20 years without maintenance.
Its comprehensive economy is much better than that of carbon steel..
01. Are you Composite ( FRP ) product manufacturer?
A: Yes, of course.we have our own factory and we can provide excellent goods at competitive price.
02. How can you guarantee your product quality?
A: 100% of our products will be tested before delivery. To control quality, we are using high quality material from high quality supplier.
03. What鈥檚 the delivery time will be?
A: It depends. Normally, 10~15 working days after receiving your deposit and confirming all the details.Customized FRP Plates