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Customized Cutting Wheel Private

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Ubicación: Buenos Aires
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High quality 4鈥漜utting disc stainless steel
1. Production Introduction
We have many choices of cutting discs according to customers' specific requirement. Customers can
determine the material (cloth type), size, grit of the cutting disc.
2. Specification Parameter
1150X1.6X22.23T4110200 80 400 27 32X32X22
2150X2.0X22.23T4110200 80 400 35 32X32X28
3180X1.6X22.23T418600 80 200 20 38X25X19
4180X2.0X22.23T418600 80 200 23 38X25X20
5230X2.0X22.23T416600 80 100 20 30X25X25
6230X2.5X22.23T416600 80 50 15 25X25X20
7305X3.0X25.4T415100 80 25 12 31X31X9.5
8355X3.0X25.4T414400 80 25 17 36X36X9.5
9405X3.2X25.4T413800 80 25 22 40X40X9.5
3. Main Feature
1. The disc thickness of only 1 mm allows exceptionally precise cuts.
2. Ideally suited to all metals 鈥?simplifies material procurement and storage.
3. Up to 50% better performance than conventional products.
4. Considerably fewer disc changes means huge working time savings.
4. Application
Easily cut carbon and stainless steels with one disc. Made from premium abrasive grains, top quality fiberglass reinforcements and top of the line fully automated equipment.
5. Factory Information
We are a manufacturer of coated abrasives products, such as flap disc, flap wheel, sanding belt, sanding disc, strip & clean disc etc. We also do sourcing service for clients who need other abrasives products.
6. Service Customized Cutting Wheel

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