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Custom Pad Printer Private

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HMC-160C-3 Sealed Ink Cups Three Color Shuttle Pad Printing Machine
The pad printer is a 3 color ink cup shuttle pad printer ideal for printing on items that require an extended forward stroke. This printer machine accepts all of our solvent-based inks.
Machine Features:
Microprocessor operation system, electric-pneumatic control;
160mm standard stroke, ink cup design, no smell and low evaporate;
Available for 1 to 3 colors medium size image printing;
Independent adjustment of up and down, forward and rear stroke;
Versatile X, Y printing pad adjustment;
Ink cup base with X, Y, Z adjustment, worktable X, Y adjustment.
Machine Specifications:
Model No.: HMC-160C-3
Drive: Pneumatic
Ink System: Sealed Ink Cup
Ink Cup Size: ID82xOD90 mm
Plate Size: 250脳100 mm
Max. Printing Speed: 1000 pcs/hr
Air Requirement: 5-6 bar
Machine Dimension: 980脳800脳1430 mm
Weight: 230 KG
Voltage: 110V/220V/230V 60/50Hz
Buyer information:
Before purchasing the machine, the buyer should carefully read the description and purpose of the machine and confirm whether the machine is suitable for use. Or contact the factory and we will help you explain in detail. The buyers also need to pay attention to the choice of pad printing head: pad printing hardness can be divided into soft, medium, hard.Custom Pad Printer

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