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The Copper Anode Plate Casting Machine is a large-scale smelting production equipment that casts molten copper (also used for non-ferrous metals such as lead and tin) into an anode plate having a specific shape specification and weight by an automated process. Existing disc specifications: 12-mould, 16-mould, 18-mould, 20-mould, 24-mould, 28-mould, 30-mould, each one has two types锛?single-pour single-draw and double-pour double-draw. The equipment has two major advantages锛歠ull automation of the production process and the weight of the anode plate can be set.
Copper anode plate casting machine
Copper anode casting machine
Product Features (Characteristics)
1.Time-division control technology and fuzzy control technology ensure the accuracy of quantitative casting.
2.The disc body adopts time-division control technology and closed-loop control technology. The center support, central drive or external ring gear drive can be selected. The disc drive is accurate, the acceleration and deceleration is stable, avoiding the occurrence of flash and ensuring the physical specifications of the anode plate.
3.The number of plates for the anode plate can be set to facilitate forklift scheduling.
4.The power-off protection function of the hydraulic station enables the tundish and casting package to be reset after a sudden power failure.
Product Appearance (Structure)
The Copper Anode Plate Casting Machine is composed of: disc system, quantified casting system, cooling and plate taking system, spray and steam exhaust system, spray coating system, hydraulic system, electric system and operation room. Disc system adopts center support cantilever, circum driving mode. Its speed is controlled by inverter, PLC control rotation of the disc. Principal computer monitor disc operation and can modify disc operation curve. The casting disc can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. The disc rotates stably and locates accurately.
Product Working Method (Principle)
When the anode plate is cast, the copper liquid is continuously injected into the tundish through the launder from the outlet of the furnace body, and then injected into the casting ladle by the tundish.
After being measured by the weighing mechanism under the casting ladle, when the copper liquid in the casting ladle reaches the set value, the tundish is reset and stopped pouring, the total weight of the coppe liquid in the casting ladle is recorded. If the disc casting machine is in the position to be cast, the tail of the casting ladle is lifted by a hydraulic device to inject copper liquid into the anode plate mold for casting, and casting is stopped until the weight of the anode platereaches set value.
During the entire casting process, the disc is in an alternating transition between operation and rest. When the disc is stationary, the quantitative casting device pours copper liquid into the mould. After casting, the disc is rotated by a mould position, and the next anode plate is cast and the above process is repeated to achieve continuous quantitative casting. After casting, the anode plate is spray-cooled, compacted, jacked up and sent to the take-up system, and after the anode plates reach a certain amount, use a forklift to remove the anode plates. After the mould is removed with anode plate, it is sprayed, temperature measured,then reaches the casting position again.
Copper Anode Casting Wheel
Copper anode plate casting machine manufacturer
Copper anode plate casting machine suppliers
Product Production Process
1)The quantified casting system adopts control way of valve rod displacement feedback, copper liquid weight feedback, copper liquid flow rate feedback these three closed-loop control to control high accuracy of casting weight of anode plate.
2)Weighting system adopts highly-integrated digital module which has fast processing speed and transmitting speed and can connect with PLC seamlessly.
3)The disc drive is controlled by inverter, has advantages of stable performance, no vibration, accurate location.
4)The whole control system adopts touch screen and PLC, to unite disc moving system, quantified casting system and principal computer system etc as an advanced control system.
We have professional export team and logistics team which have many years of enperiences of exporting and tranporting the equipment to save you any troubles in delivering the equipment to your site, the machines could be dealed in Incoterms of FOB Shanghai or CIF destination or as designated by you.
We would send you our engineers to guide you in installation and commissioning of your equipment, also our engineers will train your people in how to operate and maintain your equipment.
After Sale
Our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team, on-site experienced engineers and senior technicians who can arrive on the scene in the fastest time for any problems, maintenance and replacement.
The warranty period of our equipment is one year from the date of completion of commissioning. During the warranty period, the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the bad quality of our equipment will be borned by our company; the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the buyer will be borned by the buyer.Copper Anode Casting Machine price