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China wellhead and well control equipment Private

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API standard Drilling Spool, Casing and Tubing Spool, Tubing Head Spool
Drilling spool is the parts which are often used in the oilfield for wellhead extension, choke and kill manifold, etc. Such as casing head, tubing head, casing spool and tubing spool. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 17K standard, it usually has the same nominal end connections.

Technical Parameter:
Product Name Drilling spool
Working Pressure 2000Psi~15000Psi
Nominal Size 1/2”~8”
Working Temp. PU(-29℃~+121℃)
Product Material Level AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Product Specification PSL1~PSL3G
Performance Requirement Level 2000~15000psi
Working Medium oil, gas, mud, gas containing H2S, CO2

Product Features Drilling spool can be designed with different combination and dimentions according to the different user’s needs, meeting the scene operation to a great extent
China wellhead and well control equipment