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In last few years, in interior decoration, the word of High class grey / Senior grey, grey marble is very outstanding, heat continues not decrease, and more popular.
With the help of advanced science and technology, senior grey gradually invades into life quietly and becomes the texture aesthetics of life.
"Grey" tone is not only used in home decoration villas, many office buildings, and even sales centers are a large number of "grey" tone to decorate, that is, has been in everyone's vision of the "senior grey". The adornment material of multifarious stair can be seen everywhere.
Senior gray is a very rich connotation, strong sense of artistic expression of color. Our marble tiles and home steps tiles in grey color are low-key and high style, can say these a few years advanced gray, steal limelight really in ceramic tile industry. Therefore, high class ash is very popular absolutely not accidental, on the contrary, it is inevitable however. A fine grey without grey marble has no soul. So in recent years grey marble is also very popular, favored by many owners and designers.
Product Parameters
Product NameHome Steps Tiles
Size480x1200mm / 600x1200mm
Water Absorption rate<0.05%
Surface TreatmentFull Body Marble
FinishGlossy surface
ColorAustria Ash
Area of useIndoor stairs and floors, residential, commercial projectsChina Tile Accessory factory