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China Stainless Steel Strip Private

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430 Stainless Steel Strip
430 Stainless steel strip refers to the width of the 600mm and below the 430 stainless steel ribbon material, also known as 430 stainless steel strip or 430 rust iron strip.
430 Stainless steel strip can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling two annealing states. 430 cold-rolled Steel strip thickness range is 0.038-3.0mm; the thickness range of hot rolled steel strip is 3.0-6.0mm, more than 6.0mm after more for the plate. 430 Stainless steel strip is actually a kind of calendering material, generally by the stainless steel calendering factory production. China's definition of steel strip, with the stainless steel production equipment changes, there have been several changes. In the earlier mill wide width is narrow, 430 stainless steel strip is represented by the width of 300mm within the ribbon material. With the wide use of more than 600mm mills in mainland China, the definition of steel strips has evolved into the ribbon material within 600mm.
Chemical Composition
C ≤ 0.12%
Si ≤ 0.75%
Mn ≤ 1%
P ≤ 0.04%
S ≤ 0.03%
Ni ≤ 0.6%
Cr: 16.00~18.00%
Physical Properties
Density: 7.75g/cm3
Melting Point: 1427 ℃
Coefficient of Expansion: m/m℃(at 20-100℃)
Mechanical Properties
Soft State
Tensile Strength ≥ 450 N/mm2
Yield Strength ≥ 205 N/mm2
Elongation Rate ≥ 22%
Hardness: HV ≤ 200 HRB ≤88
Hard State
Yield Strength ≥ 205 N/mm2
Tensile Strength ≥ 450 N/mm2
Elongation Rate ≥ 22%
Hardness: 200-300HV
Stainless Steel Strip Classification
Product NameMaterialImplementation standardsSpecifications(mm)Strip weight(kg)Application
Carbon structural steel cold rolling Steel Ribbon CarbonGB716-19910.2-2.510-170.19-760Civil hardware, light industry, steel wood furniture
Steel StripGalvanized Steel strip for packaging
Alternative TranslationsGB4173-840.3-1.658-5115-92Nonferrous metals, textile, papermaking, steel
Composite cold rolled steel strip for rubberO8AIQJ/AD2.19-890.516-5028-90Automobile sealing Strip
mild steel steel cold rolled stripmild steelGB3463-830.2-2.520-17034-760Deep stamping products, electrical instruments
Cold rolling strip for chain20MnSi40MnGB3463-831.2-2.060-160110-710Implement car, motorcycle, industrial chain
Cold rolling strip for welded pipeQ195Q215GB8164-870.5-2.050-17090-760Steel, steel and wood furniture, transformers
Cold rolling Strip for radiator08AIGB3526-830.3-1.210-17018-760Radiator, hot and cold device, hose
Corrugated Pipe Steel stripQ195Q215GB4175.1-840.2-0.835-10062-450Bridge, Long-span building beam
Galvanized steel strip for armoured cablesQ215GB4175.2-840.2-1.010-6018-110Cable protective Layer
Coated steel tapes for armoured cablesQ215GB4175.1-840.2-1.010-6018-110Cable protective Layer
Bright Annealed Steel Strip
Alternative TranslationsGB716-830.4-0.210-30019-1500Tube strip, barbed stripChina Stainless Steel Strip

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