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Main Features:
鈼?Automatic tension controlled.
鈼?Unwinding splicing platform.
鈼?3 variable frequency drive; Imported vector frequency converter; double closed loop control system; PLC centralized control.
鈼?LPC correcting deviation system.
鈼?Rolling-ball type slipping & inflatable rewinding shaft.
鈼?IR slitting paper core positioning system.
鈼?Multi-slitting methods.
鈼?Hydraulic system with rolling (up and down).
鈼?Automatic coiling device for offcut.
鈼?LCD Touch Operation Panel.

Technical Parameter:
鈼?Slitting Thickness: 0.012-0.60mm
鈼?Max. Slitting Speed: 400m/min
鈼?Unwinding Paper Sleeve Diameter: 3", 6"
鈼?Max. Unwinding Material Diameter: 1000mm
鈼?Max. Unwinding Width: 1800mm
鈼?Min. Slitting Width: 40mm
鈼?Slitting Deviation Value: <卤0.2mm
鈼?Rewinding Diameter of Paper Sleeve: 3", 6"
鈼?Rewinding Diameter of Finished Product: 600mm

Suitable Materials:
鈼?Suitable for those BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, Nylon (PA), paper, aluminum laminated films, etc. China Slitting Machine suppliers