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China Single Cavity Plastic Injection Molding suppliers Private

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We are tool maker; 30% of Our engineer are doing tool-manufacture more than 20years; we can do mass production for parts; We have 7 sets of CNC machine , 10 sets of EDM machine, 60 sets of injection Machine; At same time we can provide part design and mold design, and series parts assemble etc鈥?/p>
Item:All kinds of resin plastic steel mold manufacture
Process Type:Mold manufacture, mold design , part data optimize , mold base manufacture , mold inserts manufacture , CNC machining, CNC lathe, cleaning edge, grinding, surface treatment .etc.
Material:ABS, PC/ABS,POM, PP, PA6, PA66, PA6 GF30, PA66 GF30, PVC ,PA6 GF50
Tolerance:卤0.01~ as per requirement
Surface treatment:as per requirement
Facility:5 Axis CNC , EDM, wire cutting ; fitting mold, testing mold with injection machine;
Injection machine
5 axis CNC machine
EDM manufacture
Fitting mold
Packing with wooden box
Why choose us?
We can provide perfect steel mold what you want ; Based on our 3D design team, good steel from Germany, good engineer focus on tool made more than 20years , good machine from Germany, Japan;China Single Cavity Plastic Injection Molding suppliers

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