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Guangzhou City Qi Cai Color Printing Factory
No. 66, Xia Nan Middle Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Our company set foot in Guangzhou Baiyun Jinlong printing plant in October 10, 1995, and changed its name to Guangzhou Qi Cai color printing plant in 2013. At present, the company has a total area of more than 11500 square meters, with professional technicians, managers, R & D personnel and sales staff of more than 100 people, including R & D team and quality inspection team as many as 10 people.
The company currently owns the specialized equipment imported from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, including Heidelberg hardcover linkages, Heidelberg CX-102 to open four color offset brushes, MITSUBISHI 800 four color rotary printing machines, Heidelberg folding machine, Ma Tianni locking machine, Martini automatic riding dragon, Martini three face knife glue loading dragon, Roland big pair Four color printing machine RCI, Loran large open double color printing machine, KOMORI L40 four color printing machine, Bei Ren monochrome printing machine J2018B, Starr folding machine, MBD folding machine and so on. With a proofing room, a pre press release design room, a Heidelberg CTP thermosensitive publishing room, a printing shop, a folding shop, a lock shop, a bookbinding workshop, a wet room, a transportation simulation test room and a sample room, the annual production capacity can reach 200 million yuan.
The main business is paper-based products such as hardcover printing, pictorial Printing and other books and periodicals, including all the books and periodicals with different binding, such as hardcover, soft shell hardcover, string glue, grinders, aerated, horseback binding, double loop binding, spiral binding, and various handbags, hardcover boxes, gift boxes, and corrugated colors. Box, cardboard color box and so on. Our printing technology is very suitable for making art books, photo albums, cooking books, textbooks and children's books.
Qi Cai color printing management system, the company set up department: administrative department, planning department, marketing department, engineering department, color purchase department, production comprehensive management department (plate making department, printing department, binding department, logistics department), quality assurance department, customer service department, finance department and other 13 professional departments. At the same time, the company has a good test equipment and testing ability, can be independent according to customer requirements to carry out a comprehensive inspection, so that the customer's final consumer to buy the heart, with ease. All professional post employees in our company unfold technical intensive education and training, and have been tested strictly to ensure the quality of work and the quality of the product. We focus on good after-sales service, timely and accurate handling of customer feedback problems, and relieved many of our customers' worries. We always uphold the service principle of "quality first, customer first", constantly strengthen the service concept of our employees, and provide perfect service for our customers. With the increasingly changing market environment and the full opening of business, in view of the growing scale, in order to adapt to the changes in the international environment and participate in the fierce market competition, Qi Cai color printing has successfully introduced the "I S O 9 0 0 1:2 0 1 5 " quality management system certification.
Qi Cai 23 years printing experience, is a comprehensive brand printing enterprise integrating pre press production, printing, post processing and logistics.cheap Hot Stamping Drawer Wedding Gift Box Printing