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Certificates For China Medical Power Adapter suppliers Private

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鈥?Our History
In 2016 through ISO14000 environmental system certification and the new third board was established
In 2015 Shenzhen Rihuida power supply co., LTD. Changed its shareholding and obtained apple WIFI certification
In 2014 The patent for the invention was the first time to granted
In 2012 First awarded the title of high-paying technology enterprise
In 2011 It has gotten the software copyright for the first time
In 2009 Switching power products have passed PSE/3C/SAA certification for the first time
In 2008 Switching power products have passed UL, GS, BS certification for the first time
In 2006 Passed ISO9001 quality system certification
In 2005 The linear power products have passed UL, GS and BS certification for the first time
In 2004 Shenzhen Rihuida electric appliance co., LTD was established
鈥?Our Factory
Shenzhen Rihuida power supply co., LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise, which has long been dedicated into research and development of all types professional, personalized power converters for the brand consumer electronic products. All the products can comply with worldwide safety requirements. The company was founded in 2004, is located in economic fast-growing Shenzhen, independent of the existing 6000 square meters production base, have a first-class hardware facilities, elegant office environment, advanced testing equipment and good strategic cooperation suppliers; The company has passed the national high-tech enterprises, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 system certification, new third board listed enterprises (stock code: 838099).
The company has a development team of more than 20 people, led by an engineer with 27 years of experience in power research. Now there are more than 1000 kinds of products, widely used in the massage chair, smart home and security products, LED lighting, communications, audio and video, industrial controlled instruments and equipment, medical equipment and other high-tech fields.In order to adapt the increasingly fierce market competition and the high and new science and technology rapid development, the company set up a testing laboratory which has the configuration of the international advanced testing equipment We adopt international advanced testing means, various components of stress analysis, high and low temperature cycle test, vibration test, impact test, alternating hot and humid test, safety test, EMC test, MTBF analysis test, FMEA points test, static test, accelerated ageing test, etc., thus it can guarantee the power supply's high reliability. And it can also enable all of the company's power products to comply with domestic and foreign safety standards such as IEC/ EN 60601/ 62368/ 60950/ 61558,/ 60335,/ 60065 and UL1310 / GB4706 etc. For many years, it has been an excellent supplier to famous enterprises at home and abroad.
鈥?Our Product
Switching power adapter銆乴inear power adapter銆乧harger銆乻mart power adapter
鈥?Product Application
Medical grade product銆乭ousehold appliances product銆丄udio銆乂ideo and similar electronic apparatus product銆乮nformation technology equipment product銆乧harger product.
鈥?Our Certificate
鈥?Production Market
The USA and Canada market; Europe market; The UK market; Japan market; Korea market; Australia market; Argentina market; China market; Taiwan market; Brazil market.Certificates For China Medical Power Adapter suppliers