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Quick Details
Application: medical tube, medical catheter,
Plastic Processed: PVC or silicone rubber
Medical Tube Extrusion Line
PVC Medical tube extrusion line
Medical tube extrusion line is used for producing various kinds of specification medical catheter like perfusion tube, urethral catheter, central venous catheter, capillary tube, stomach tube, multi-hole tube etc.
Medical tube extrusion line is one of product of precision tube extrusion line. By virtue of "accurate control of weak vacuum" and "high pressure volumetric extrusion" forming technology, Sansu medical tube extrusion line features with unbelievable and high extrusion speed , unusual extrusion stability and high control accuracy of tube size (CPK value≥1.6).
Features of equipments:
Machine frame are complete made of Stainless steel S304.Screw system from US and Japan, with excellent extrusion and plasticization effect;
Core rods and die are made of S136 /3Cr17 mould steel material, which ensures the inner flow surface glossiness and anti-corrosion. Structure of mold adopts “high pressure volumetric type”, which is initiated by our company, can provide stable and high-speed extrusion for the tube material with tiny fluctuation.
With the new "accurate control of weak vacuum" technology: vacuum and water system controlled separately. In this way, we can coordinate the multilevel water balance control system with vacuum system, ensures stable vacuum degree, cooling water level and water flowing;
Adopt America BETA Laser high speed diameter measurement system for measuring diameter on line, measuring precision can get to ±0.03MM;
Puller adopt imported multilayer composite wearable strap (accord with medical sanitary requirements), with high level precision roller, SERVO motor driving offer high stability pulling;
Cutter equips with low inertia aluminum alloy rotating knife arm structure, driven and controlled by Servo system, which offers high speed and high accuracy cutting action. With Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable control and SIEMENS human-computer interface, cutter can realize continuous cutting, timing cutting, length counting cutting etc. Cutting length can be set freely, automatic counting.
Configuration of machine
b. S136 die head:one set
c. S304 vacuum calibration tank: one set
d. Laser gauge :one set
e. servo haul-off unit : one set
f. Dual-shaft winding unit: one set
Specifiction (Medical tube extrusion line)
1extruderextrduer modelSJ35SJ50
main motor5.5KW11KW
2Mouldmould size2-6mm
mould material3Cr17 stainless
heater power1.2KW
3Vacuum and Water
cooling tanktank material304 stainless steel
Vacuum pump2.2KW
water pump0.75KW stainless
lenth of tank3500mm
cooling methodspray and dip
water dry blowerhas
drainage tubestainless square tube
4diameter gaugingtorelance0.01mm
gauging range0.5-20mm
gauging speed0-200m/min
record memoryhas
5Haul offhaul off typeroller type
roller quantity4pcs
haul off speed5-120m/min
haul off motor750W
6Precision length cutterCutter motorServo motor
Length controlMetering unit
Cutting controlMitsubishi PLC
Discharge of tubeHigh pressure air
7Double disk winderwinding motor1N
quantity of motor2sets
winding speed0-120m/min
disk sizemax 300mmbuy Soft Tube Extrusion Line