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1. Spiral feeder:
The material weight signal from measuring screw is transmitted to 3U403 (one machine and one circuit DCS interface) or 3U600 (one machine and sixteen routes) measurement and control system (3U403 and 3U600 are all core microprocessors). By continuously comparing the set value with the actual weight of the material conveyed by the screw, the running speed of the steady flow screw is continuously adjusted. Therefore, the material flow can always be stabilized at the set value.
2. Main features:
1. Special for the measurement and control of powdery materials.
2. The feeding screw has a unique flow-stabilizing structure. The feeding powder sinks evenly in the whole section of the feed inlet and outlet. It is not easy to arch and punch.
3. Cycloid pinwheel reducer motor ensures long-term stable operation.
4. Variable pitch structure and outlet overflow mode are adopted to stabilize the flow helix, which effectively solves the problem of material punching (output > 60T/H adopts double-pipe steady flow).
5. Measuring spiral scale adopts three high precision sensors (pull force) to weigh directly, which successfully solves the errors caused by lever weighing and greatly improves the measuring accuracy.
6. Using digital acquisition module, the effective resolution is up to 1 million; acquisition rate is 50 times per second; annual drift is less than 50 PPM; temperature drift is less than 50 PPM.
7. Sealing structure to reduce dust outflow.
3. Product structure:
1. Spiral shaft and suspension bearing, head and tail shaft are connected by inserting tongue type, installation and disassembly need not move axially, and maintenance is convenient. Length of mandrel, less hanging, fewer breakdown points
2. Adopt variable diameter structure, increase the volume of suspension bearing, avoid contact between suspension bearing and material, and the service life of suspension bearing can reach more than two years.
3. All transmission parts adopt floating connection mode. The suspension bearing is universal joint structure, which makes the spiral body, suspension bearing and tail form an integral floating body. Within a certain range, it can rotate freely with transmission resistance to avoid collision, no stuffing and no blocking.
4. Head and tail bearing seats are all outside the shell. All bearings adopt multi-layer sealing and matching sealing technology. The service life of bearings is long.
5. Compared with other conveying equipment, the screw feeder has the advantages of small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading in the middle, safe operation and simple maintenance.buy Screw Conveyor