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Ubicación: Santa Ana
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1. Product Introduction
PVA polyvinyl acetate is the most versatile, dosage the biggest, one of the water-soluble adhesive with a long history, is composed of vinyl acetate monomer in under the action of the initiator of the polymerization and obtained a thermoplastic adhesive.
pva polyvinyl acetate has good initial adhesion, easy to use, high bonding strength, stable performance, fast drying time, low temperature filming is good, and have excellent water resistance, heat resistance (flame retardant), non-toxic pollution, safe environmental protection is a new generation of environmentally friendly adhesives.

2. Production Specification
AppearanceMilk white liquid
Solid content36%

3.Product matters attention
It is better not to use the white latex to dilute the water in order to save cost. Because this will affect the adhesion of it.

4. Recommendationsbuy PVAC Glue

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Car Brand Alfa Romeo