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1. Cup shape dust mask, 360 degree three dimensional breathing space.
2. NIOSH N99 certified particulate respirator. At least 99% filter efficiency for oil-free aerosol.
3. Latex-free head band could fit different face.
1. Masks can only reduce the risk of virus infection and cannot guarantee absolute safety.
2. After wearing the mask, don't adjust it at will, and don't take it off and put it on again, so as to avoid contamination of hands by germs.
3. The mask shall not be reused. Once leaving the high-risk area, the mask shall be sealed and discarded with plastic bags and the hands shall be washed. After being used in public places with many people, you should use plastic bags to seal your hands and wash them when you come home.
4. Masks shall not be shared with others.
5. If the mask size is not appropriate, do not enter the isolation area.
6. Once the mask is wet, clean and dry new mask shall be replaced immediately.Buy N99 Mask