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Ubicación: Buenos Aires
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Located in China, we are a leading pharmaceutical company, honored as the high-tech enterprise which engaged in researching, manufacturing and exporting research chemicals, sedatives, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and other fine chemicals.
We have our own laboratory so that we can research, synthesize and produce all our own production and perform quality control procedures. We produce and sell more than 16 tonnes of chemicals every month. Besdies, we also can synthesize nearly any chemical on a bespoke basis in any quantity, what we need are chemical name, CAS number, IUPAC name or chart of chemcial structure.
We have developed many retailers and wholesalers in US and Europe during these years, their sales amount is constantly growing every month. Almost all our customers are loyal to cooperate us because they know that they have wide range of best products, flexible payment options, fast and insured delivery, secured and comfortable ordering process, prompt and effective customer service.
Any ambitious person wanna become our business partner, please feel free to contact us, let's build a long-term and mutual beneficial business relationship.
Disclaimer: All chemicals we sell on our web are legal in P.R.China. They are sold only for researching purpose, not sold for illegal use. Please verify the legality of the products in your country or state before making an order. We are not responsible for ordering the substances prohibited in your country or state from us. Any customer have to declare to take full responsibility for any purchases (made now and in the future) of any products or service from us.buy MEXEDRONE