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There are two kinds of forming methods of Tundish nozzle outer layer material, one is press forming (hydraulic press forming) , the other is pouring forming (shaking table pouring vibration forming) .
CNC Quick Change nozzle a quick change Tundish nozzle, the production of this product is more used abroad is pouring molding.
According to the pouring molding method, our company improved the mold to develop a set of pressing molding method. Compared with pouring molding, pressing molding has higher density of outer material body and lower porosity. The outer material of the product does not need to use a higher alumina content to meet the use requirements. The disadvantage is that the CNC Iron Shell is easy to be deformed and the ZIRCONIA INSERT is easy to be damaged when pressed.
Zirconia Inserts Tundish Nozzle Outside
Physical Properties
Apparent Porosity (%)11-128-106-8201816
Bulk Density (g/cm3)鈮?.9鈮?.2鈮?.
Chemical Analysis (%)
ZrO2 + HfO2鈮?4.0鈮?5.5鈮?6// /
Na2O0. Exchange Tundish Nozzle