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XS-FR-M8680 (ATO Masterbatch for PP)
XS-FR-M8680 is a high concentration ATO functional masterbatch, which is for PP resin. It is mainly used in brominated flame retardant of PP systems, makes PP final products with excellent performance.
It is a ATO Masterbatch for Polyolefin (PP, PE, EVA).
ItemsUnitStandard Value
Appearance--White powder
ATO %%80±0.5
Volatility (105℃/2hr)%≤0.5
Based material--PP
Physical Properties
● Higher dispersion compared to regular ATO master batch, so it could be 1:1 replace ATO powder, still have the same flame retardancy, but better electrical performance and mechanical properties.
● Meet the dust-free requirement, with very flexible operation of transportation and mixture . It could extremely increase the stability of weighting and keep the product away from quality issues.
Usage Suggestion
Suggest to add 1:1 to replace ATO powder, mixed it directly with other raw materials before twin-screw extrusion.
Package and Storage
Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
【Typical Application】
▲XS-FR-M8680 for PP
MaterialsATO powderXS-FR-M8680
Co-PP resin71.2%71.2%
EBS + 168 + 10100.6%0.6%
ATO powder (99.8%)7%--
XS-FR-M8680 (MB)--7%
Antifogging agent0.2%0.2%
ItemTest standardATO powderXS-FR-M8680
Tensile Strength, MPaGB/T 1040-021617
Breaking Elongation, %GB/T 1040-025.25.5
Flexural Strength, MPaGB/T 9314-003738
Flexural Modulus MPaGB/T 9314-0030963080
Izod Impact Strength (notched), KJ/m2 GB/T 1843-086065
Flammablity Grade (1.6mm)UL-94V-0V-0
The above data are only for reference. Customer should change the formula according to actual dosage and application, may contact our technical engineer for details.ATO Flame Retadant Compound suppliers